Workshops & Speeches

Workshops & Speeches

Hands on Learning That Makes a Lasting Impact

I love being in front of an audience, making them laugh, think and act! Whatever the event, the length or the size of the audience, let me ignite the listeners and give them actionable insights that can transform the way they work. All speeches can be transformed into workshops with hands-on training, customized for your unique needs.

The “Sticking to my Story” Workshop Series

Based on the Method from my Best Selling Book, the Ultimate Storytelling Workshop series, for Corporates, Startups, Accelerators and More. Speak to me for a customized Masterclass.

Sticking to My Story: The Corporate Story

The Magical Influence of Storytelling…

Storytelling is all the buzz – but what does it REALLY mean? And how can the simple, yet powerful principles of storytelling be harnessed to enliven any message, pitch or presentation, to drive to desired results?

Learn how to apply the simple principles of the age-old art of storytelling to your modern-day business messages to win the hearts and minds of your audience and most importantly – to garner magical influence.
Donna Griffit, an International Corporate Storyteller with 20 years of experience will share the winning ingredients of a brief, powerful story and how it can be formatted into any type of presentation. You will emerge with a simple, yet powerful tool to create stories in many formats, repeatable with any type of content for any medium or audience. Time permitting – a few lucky teams will get to pitch their story and get real time feedback from DonnaGPT ;).
Length – 1.5 – 4 hours, in person or virtual
Audiences – Any organization type of any size in any industry, any roles: Product, marketing, sales, developers, CS and more. Content can be made accessible to all or customized for specific teams.

Sticking to My Story: Silicon Valley Secrets to Power Pitching

The Winning Recipe for Pitches that have raised $1.5B…

With fewer face to face meetings, fluctuating markets, and a new reality - your story and how you tell it matters more than ever.

Especially when it comes to raising your next Round. You only get one shot – make it stellar!

World-renowned Corporate Storyteller and Pitch Alchemist Donna Griffit will share her winning recipe for the RIGHT story needed to get the meetings and the funding.

Topics to be covered:

The foundation and crucial content of a winning pitch deck

  • What VC’s talk about AFTER you leave the room…
  • Story-driven pitches that stick
  • And more…

Tweak your story on the spot: Time permitting, we will have a bonus round where a few companies will pitch their stories and get real time feedback from DonnaGPT ;).

Sticking to My Story: Quick Pitch

Don’t be Caught Pitchless!

You might be called up on stage to pitch…
You might be at a networking event…
You might even strike up a convo waiting line for a coffee and realize – hey – I need to pitch!

Bottom line – you never know if the next person you meet could change your startup! You want to be armed with the perfect story of your venture at any given moment.
Donna Griffit, an International Corporate Storyteller with 20 years of experience will share insider tips for getting your story straight and sounding great telling it. Time permitting – a few lucky teams will get to pitch their story and get real time feedback from DonnaGPT ;).
Length – 1.5 – 4 hours, in person or virtual
Audiences – Accelerators, fundraising startups, Pitch competitions, conferences and more

Additional Speeches, Workshops and Trainings With Donna

From finding your Personal Brand Story, writing your TEDX Talk, or giving Keynotes that WOW, Let Donna take your event to the next level!

The X Factor - Your Personal Brand Story

Know Your Value - Make Sure THEY Know it too…

In ever changing times one thing is certain – you must know your unique Brand DNA, what sets you apart and how to communicate it to others in a powerful way.

If you can’t sell your own value, nobody else will…

We all bring something special to the table – skills, knowledge, talents, etc. But there’s that elusive “X Factor” – who we truly are and what our real value is to the company we work for, or want to work for. How do we discover it? And once we do – how do transform it into a powerful personal brand story that showcases our unique, indispensable value?

In this workshop participants will:
  1. Identify their core knowledge, talent and skills – the obvious and not so obvious
  2. Discover their own, unique “X Factor” (and EVERYONE has one!)
  3. Create their personal “X Factor” statement to be for performance reviews, LinkedIn summaries, networking, interviews, pitching and more.

Length – 1.5 Hours – 5 hours Audiences – Organizations of all sizes, teams within organizations who want to improve the messaging abilities of their employees, at all levels. 
Perfect for women focused activities or for International Women’s Day.

Event Prep - From TED Talks to Keynotes

Elevate your words, transform them into an unforgettable story

Who are the speakers that you remember most? NOT those that used jargon, big words and techno babble to “impress.”

The most meaningful speeches are those that RESONATE, that MOVE you, that feel like an INTIMATE CONVERSATION – even with hundreds or thousands of people in the room.

And the secret? Stories that stick.

If you have an opportunity to be onstage, for a TEDX, Keynote, Pitch or even a 5 minute company overview – you have an opportunity to be UNFORGETTABLE. Make every moment matter.

Donna Griffit, an International Corporate Storyteller with nearly 20 years of experience has created over 1000 powerful presentations – from 1 minutes to full keynotes – that simply captivate audiences. The stories, thoughts and messages are all there – waiting to be pulled out of your mind, untangled, and woven together in a dazzling manner that you never imagined possible. Become the speaker you always dreamed of being…

Length – On a per-case basis

Audiences – C Suite, Executives, Directors, Founders, Experts, Consultants – ANYONE with the opportunity to make their mark on stage with an unforgettable presentation that can be used time and again.

Keynotes and Workshops: The Highlight of Your Conference!

Let the Pitch Alchemist and Master Storyteller Mesmerize Your Audience…

Looking for a captivating speaker that is fun, engaging and delivers PRACTICAL content? Look no further.

For over 20 years Donna Griffit, Corporate Storyteller and Bestselling Author of “Sticking to my Story” has delighted audiences with the power of storytelling and her hilarious, vivacious delivery. Storytelling is relevant for ALL audiences today, he reason we outlasted the Neanderthals, and the reason we will outlast AI.

All of Donna’s workshops can be adapted to any length – from 20 minutes to half a day – for Keynotes that shine and workshops that sizzle.
Bring the unique “DonnaGPT” flare to your next event!

Length – From 20 minutes to half a day

Audiences – Keynotes and workshops for conferences, Sales Kick Offs, Corporate Events, Competitions, Pitch Events, Demo Days and More. Donna is also a masterful panel moderator.

20 Minute Intro Call

Hi! Looking forward to chatting to see if we’re a good match.  PLEASE NOTE – I’m on PST– make sure you’re set on your timezone and if it’s AM or PM so you don’t schedule for the middle of the night! :)

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