Landing Investors

The Ultimate Guide on How to Find an Investor and Get a Meeting

Which is harder – finding an investor and getting a meeting or closing the investment? You might get different answers from different Founders. This guide was put together to give you tips and best practices for finding and approaching investors to increase your chances of getting a meeting.
If you have any further questions or need help putting together any of the materials, talk to me!

Do your Homework First

How To Reach Out to Investors? (From Worst to Best)

Look for people in your alumni network, intros through friends, through your LinkedIn connections. Yes, people are busy, but they were once in your shoes and probably got help from more experienced entrepreneurs. Hopefully you’ll find people with the “Pay it Forward” spirit.

Move Fast!

The minute you start fundraising, you’ve put an “expiration date” on yourself. If you’ve been raising for over 6 months, investors will start to wonder why it’s taking so long and this is not a good signal.
There are many factors to getting an Angel Investment – chemistry, timing, great team, great product, huge market and more. The more prepared you are for the process, the better your chances of landing a successful meeting are. If you want to make sure you have stellar investment materials – talk to me!

20 Minute Intro Call

Hi! Looking forward to chatting to see if we’re a good match.  PLEASE NOTE – I’m on PST– make sure you’re set on your timezone and if it’s AM or PM so you don’t schedule for the middle of the night! :)

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