The Ultimate Investor Deck

The Ultimate Investor Deck

A Winning Cheat Sheet for your Startup’s Investor Deck

After 2 decades 1K+ pitches that raised $1.5B –

here’s my secret formula!

The Foundation Matters

When you see 50+ pitch decks a week for 2 decades, you see A LOT of repeat mistakes.

Templates often force your deck into something that just doesn’t work.
(10 slides??? NO WAY!)


Is there one “right” way to do a pitch deck? YES!

But if everyone uses the same method, won’t they be identical? NO!

Buildings all have foundations, frames, walls, windows, paint, etc. – but each has unique characteristics. Without a proper structure, your building might collapse. So will your pitch!

It’s All About The Story

People often confuse “Storytelling” with anecdotes, meaningless jokes or “dumbing down” serious materials. On the contrary

Stories are thousands of years old, the reason information survives for generations

We learn through stories — I’ve seen my daughters go from chewing on a book to actively discussing a story, to becoming storytellers in their own right

Stories inspire, captivate, resonate and influence!— isn‘t that what you want for fundraising or sales?

Our brains are hardwired for stories — not mounds of data

There’s a pattern: From Greek tragedies, to Shakespeare, Chekhov, even the Bible — the stories all go the same

From “Ancient” Storytelling Structure To High Level Outline Of Your Slides


Problem - The "Villain"


The "Hero"


The Hero's Plan of Action


The Aftermath

Drilling Down The Slides

Now I’ll go through slide by slide and explain each one

Does Size Matter?

There is no magic number for slides, and it’s definitely not 10. It’s more important to have one big idea per slide, minimal text, great visuals.

If you need to spread data over multiple slides, don’t sweat it . I’d rather see more simple, clear slides than fewer slides that look like eye charts!

Hope this was helpful! I’m here if you have any questions or need further support!

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