The Investor
Pitch Deck

The Investor
Pitch Deck

Startups Struggle to Get Investor Meetings – and then Blow it With The Wrong Deck

Startups spend an average of 87 (!!) hours preparing their investor deck, then miss out on investment opportunities because the messages aren’t powerful enough.

If you are:

A Startup Founder working on fundraising your time is your most precious asset – every moment counts. You should be focused on building your team, your product and your company. Why run around in circles, giving investors so-so materials?

What can I do for you?

In just 2 hours (face to face or virtually) we can co-create an investor deck that powerfully conveys your message and gives investors exactly what they need to hear to decide if they want to move forward – and you will feel comfortable and confident delivering the messaging.  

Who am I?

For nearly 15 years I’ve roamed the globe working with 1000+ Startups, Fortune 500 companies and Venture Capitalists in a wide variety of industries. I’ve consulted and trained clients in over 30 countries, helping them create, edit and deliver verbal and written presentations, pitches and messages that sing. Through my guidance clients have raised hundreds of millions of dollars. 

With investors, customers or partners – you only get one shot! You must make it a good one. Let me help you with “that storytelling part” – you focus on creating a great product.

20 Minute Intro Call

Hi! Looking forward to chatting to see if we’re a good match.  PLEASE NOTE – I’m on PST– make sure you’re set on your timezone and if it’s AM or PM so you don’t schedule for the middle of the night! :)

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