The Ultimate Sales Deck

The Ultimate Sales Deck

A Winning Cheat Sheet for your Sales Deck

In continuing with the Ultimate Investor Deck Guide

here’s my secret formula for a winning Sales Deck!

The Best Kept Secret to Selling

Went shopping and ended up buying way more than intended??

Likely you met a REALLY good salesperson.

Being good at sales DOES NOT mean being pushy!

What’s the secret weapon?
Authentically LISTEN and EMPATHIZE.

The Framing of a Sales Pitch

The best way to get started when creating any type of pitch is to frame the listeners questions. The frame for a sales pitch is:

  1. Do you Understand my Need?
  2. How Does Your Solution Benefit my Need?
  3. How Does it Work?
  4. How has it Benefited Others Like me?
  5. If I’m Interested — How do I Move Forward?

It’s as simple as that — answer those questions, in that order — and you’ve got them! (Try this as a frame for a prospecting email!)

In the Sales Deck

I’ve boiled it down to 4 Sections


Problem or ”Villain”


The “Hero” of the story


Validating the solution


What comes next?

Drilling Down The Slides

I’ll go through slide by slide and explain each one. You might notice some similarities to the Investor Deck - yes! If you already perfected one, now just adjust the story to a potential customer!

I’m Here for You!

Hope this was helpful! I’m here if you have any further questions or need any more support!
Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any comments or questions. Good luck!

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