Eran Raviv

A month ago my partner and myself went through the amazing workshop with Donna. And I could just say that there is before the workshop with Donna and after. I can say about my personal experience that the pitch is so…

Gil Sever

Donna helped me prepare for our first financing round in the US. She did a great work of refining and sharpening the message, and was very fast and practical. She also engaged me to a graphic designer she is working closely with, and…

Chris Damico

Donna is a master at storytelling and a true professional. I enjoyed working with her and would recommend her skills to anyone looking to sharpen their messageing.

Keren Golan

Donna with her magnificent abilities to pinpoint the exact idea for the precise place inside the process, navigated to the amazing business plan and presentation we so proudly present these days to investors.

Chizki Ben Yehuda

We could convey the message clearly and sharply within minutes,thanks to Donna’s magic wand.Thank you!

Marcy Ullom

If you find yourself like we did in the early stages of a business, and determined we could not bootstrap it any longer– you know you have to start looking for investors. That in itself is an overwhelming process. We didn’t have the…

Ariel Chen

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Donna on a critical project to build our investors’ deck, and I must say, her expertise and dedication truly stood out. Donna’s strategic insights, attention to detail, and exceptional communication…

Aaron Samsonoff

In only a 1 hour session Donna provided immense value to our investment deck. Feels energizing to look at, confidence to pitch and sets us up as the pre-eminent authority in our domain.

Jonathan Gan

Donna Griffit possesses a unique talent for turning data into captivating narratives that inspire action. With over 18 years of global experience, she has collaborated with 1000+ startups, Fortune 500 companies, and Venture Capitalists, helping…

Adi Smulian

Donna’s unapologetic optimism and self-praise may catch you off guard at first, but as you spend more time with her, you’ll start to appreciate her genuine energy and authenticity. By the end of your interaction, you’ll likely feel…

20 Minute Intro Call

Hi! Looking forward to chatting to see if we’re a good match.  PLEASE NOTE – I’m on PST– make sure you’re set on your timezone and if it’s AM or PM so you don’t schedule for the middle of the night! :)

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