The Ultimate Startup Investor Pitch Creation Course Overview

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A big round of applause to Donna Griffit. I just checked her course on pitching and it is just fantastic. I'm on Sand Hill Angels and I review around 40 deals per month. I just finished my reviews for the week: 12 decks, 7 flawed. A bad deck kills a good deal. We don't have time to provide feedback and it is unprofessional to go unprepared. A different story is to have a deal that does not fit with my investment criteria. but I wanted to highlight how important it is to be prepared… Donna's course is fantastic, and I highly recommend it.

Alicia Castillo HolleyAlicia Castillo HolleyInvestor Advisor, Angel Investor, Wealthing Principles, Women Get Funded

Over the past 15 years I’ve watched startups spending tens of hours – if not weeks and months – struggling to get the right words out – and ending up with messages that simply don’t get the desired results. With investors, customers or partners – you only get one shot! You must make it a good one. I’m here to help you make it a GREAT one!

Usually, I work with clients 1on1 and in about 2 hours, we’ve created a powerful deck that gets the results they want! Finally, after years of requests I’ve created the ultimate investor pitch course as a DIY version, for those who want to try it themselves and just need some guidance. Gain invaluable, practical advice on creating powerful pitch materials, approaching investors, communicating your vision and feel great about your messages!

There’s nothing I love more than helping a company cut through their bits and bytes, cracking the DNA of their story and turning it into captivating messages that wow. Let’s make some messaging magic happen for you!

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