Here’s My Story

I believe that everyone has a special gift, a talent, something that’s as unique to them as their laugh, their fingerprint, the way they walk. Mine happens to be storytelling. I’ve always had a knack for “making things up on the spot” – got me out of a few sticky situations and school punishments – but it’s also become my calling, my passion and fortunately, my career

Corporate Storytelling

15 years ago, when I finally decided what I wanted to be when I grew up, I answered an ad in Craigslist looking for Corporate Trainers for Presentation Skills and Business Writing Skills workshops. It was a pivotal moment in my life – for it was then I met the man that would change my life – Brad Boyer of Boyer Communications Group. Under his mighty wing I learned to help people take bits and bytes, technobabble and terminology, unwind them and instead craft clear, compelling messages that drove people to action – whether the goal was sales, marketing, pushing a technological change or even a VP level Keynote Speech. I travelled from Santa Clara, California to Shanghai, China, working with Fortune 500 hundred companies in the fields of Silicon Chips, Potato Chips and even Chocolate Chips. I loved exploring new cultures and was intrigued to find that everywhere I went – we all share the tendency to over tell a story, we all suffer from stage fright and we all struggle to sell our own value. It was a joy spending time with these people and seeing them make magnificent breakthroughs in a 1-3 day workshop. I have kept in touch with participants all over the world, whom I now call friends.

Starting Up a New Story

In 2008 I found myself in unfamiliar territory – the deck had been shuffled – literally – and with the economic downturn, organizations were cutting any training that wasn’t considered “vital” – and apparently the skills required to sell an idea or a product didn’t make the cut. I was baffled and bewildered – what would I do next?? As serendipity  would have it, I was handed my next pivotal moment. A friend connected me to a prominent Cardiothoracic surgeon who needed help with his speaking abilities. He also happened to have 2 medical device startups which he needed help on the fundraising pitches for. I had found my new audience. I fell in love with the world of startups and founders, of telling high-stake stories that raised millions of dollars and of helping brilliant minds once again unwind the technobabble into meaningful messages that drove to action 🙂 And for the past 10 years, my focus has been startup storytelling – investor decks, sales decks, competition pitches, explainer videos – anything that startups need to tell a powerful story to a specific audience fast!

So What’s Your Story?

Everyone has a story. There are no boring stories – it’s just information piled up in layers obscuring the beauty of the story. I’m just here to help you peel the layers away, and shine your story to a gorgeous hue. I’m honored and humbled to be working with companies that are truly changing the world and excited to have a part in their journey.

Stewart Butterfield, CEO of Slack said:

“If there’s one piece of advice I could go back to give myself, it is concentrate on that storytelling part, on the convincing people. If you can’t do that it doesn’t matter how good the product is, it doesn’t matter how good the idea was for the market, or what happens in the external factors, you don’t have the people believing.”

Let me help you concentrate on “that storytelling part” – you focus on creating great products and growing great companies.

Clients Say

  • I worked with Donna last year. She is, simply put, one of the best at corporate storytelling out there. I recommend her regularly to those looking to raise capital, especially when they have a more challenging story to tell. If you want to take your corporate storytelling to the next level, don't hesitate. Work with her. You won't regret it.

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    Leo TrottierLeo TrottierFounder at CleverPet
  • Donna is absolutely fantastic! We have been working with Donna within week programs in Silicon Valley for Executive MBA of Moscow school of management SKOLKOVO. She is great in transforming 180 degrees your skills and approach to pitching. The students leave the workshop with pure brilliant feeling what and how they should do. Donna is unique, energetic, engaging and super professional. She knows exactly what you need to succeed. And I strongly recommend her workshops for big and small businesses, corporate people, start-uppers and serial entrepreneurs.

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  • Donna is the pitching Jedi, Yoda of messaging and story telling! She helped turn our deck into an incredible story with a touch of “wow”. She has the rare combination of messaging expertise combined with fund raising experience. She is easy to work with and get things done. We highly recommend her.

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    Joe CastonJoe CastonRainmaker - Revenue and Growth Acceleration. Fractional CRO / VP of Sales, and CMO. Founder at PlayMakersX
  • Donna is an absolute pleasure to work with.
    Her knowledge of pitch decks and storytelling combines for an utmost distillation in information for investors.
    The outline of what she presents is second to none and just from a simple phone call with Donna and some follow up we were able to refine our deck to a point that many investors and other entrepreneurs immediately offered to pass our deck along to their contacts.As someone who raised capital before and has constructed a few pitch decks, I can attest to the fact that she brings a different perspective, edge, & insight to the table that the entrepreneur generally doesn't see.

    I HIGHLY recommend Donna's methodology for pitch/sales decks and believe that whether first-time or experienced entrepreneurs, her services will prove to be invaluable!

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  • My startup was struggling to capture investors. I decided to contact Donna. After a few hours work on my deck the startup presentation became clearer, the selling arguments were evident, the problem/solution was well enhanced. Result: we have now a VC investing in
    Thanks Donna, great job!

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  • For Donna, finding the story in a pitch is like a logic puzzle. The approach is brilliant. She listens to you tell your story, then guides you through the logical connections. Finally she helps you knit them into a natural story. You retain the authenticity, yet your story delivers your message with a wallop. She shows you the concrete metaphors and guides you around the slippery slopes. At the end of the journey, you've found a story that's your own yet tells the tale you want to tell. She's a remarkable professional. That she's a delightful human being just makes it all magical. I can't recommend her more highly as a corporate storyteller.

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  • I had the pleasure of working with Donna a couple of months ago, and I was blown away by her art, dedication, and her ability to communicate. She took the words I had on paper and created a story in my voice. She knew exactly what I was trying to say. She is a great listener and the stories she creates from talking with you really resonate with the audience. She is the first person I will call when I need to build my story. Thank you, Donna, my success would have not been possible without you

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  • Its been a great pleasure working with Donna. Her insight, experience, and advice were instrumental in shaping Flyzen's deck and pitch. Donna shared her perspective on our processes which was eye-opening.
    I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to improve and shape his/her storytelling abilities, anyone who wants to work on his/her messages, either one-on-one, for a conference or for an investor presentation.

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  • Donna is an expert, guru, professional — all of the above — when it comes to learning the methodology and science behind pitching your business. We've had many high-profile experts host a pitching workshop in our Seed Fund Program (where learning how to perfect your pitch is 99% of the program), and she's been the best by far. Five stars and two thumbs up for you, Donna!  All the best, Keenan

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  • Donna is a Wizard, a magician that can turn any idea into a story, into something that resonates, inspires with a touch of "wow" in the few right places that will catch attention. She brings processes into the way any company needs to build and articulate a message. All done in a fun, creative environment. But there is more... While building the messages, Donna adds so much value in the words she is using, in the questions she is asking that not only she can help build a presentation for any audience, but the outcome and discussion brings so much more, so many new ideas and angles to think about. Very glad I worked with Donna and cannot recommend her enough.

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  • Donna was a big help in defining our sales pitch. She is very professional and she is able to write everything in simple words and she did it in the time she promises. Thank you Donna!

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  • Donna helped me hone my story when I went on TV for Planet of the Apps. She truly transformed the way I thought about my business and explained it to others. I can't recommend her enough

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  • Donna helps crystalize the important messages and get them out succinctly for exec presentations. Exactly what many of us need! And she is so fast and efficient!

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  • Magic Donna. The only one we can trust to perfectly express our vision and ideas in words that anyone can understand.
    Thanks for the great work!

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  • We are a young startup in the IoT and Big Data arena. We worked with Donna as part of building our strategy, storytelling etc. Donna has a very unique ability to sharpen the message, crystalize the exact value proposition and build the right pitch for the company. Donna is super efficient, smart and well experienced.
    Don't miss this opportunity !!!

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  • Even though Donna doesn't have a background in our field, she "got" our messages very fast. She knew how to refine them into clear, powerful texts that improved our presentation immeasurably! This was all done in a very pleasant and efficient way. I would work with her again in a heartbeat.

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    Ran HirschRan HirschCo-Founder of A1C Foods
  • Donna is a magician! In just two hours she was able to convert our deck from a presentation full of facts to an engaging story! We even used it at a pitch competition which we won! She also helped us with our website and a few other projects, I recommend her to all CEOs who want to save themselves tons of time, money and disappointments, and want to learn how to pitch their startup better. Thank you Donna!

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  • I had the pleasure working with Donna for the past several years. She helped my company to create and polish our technological branding and messaging. Our products target big clients in the enterprise cloud solutions space and rely on complex and sophisticated technologies. Donna was able to simplify our technological message and bring it from concept and into writing. Donna was very professional throughout the entire process and I highly recommend working with her.

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  • Donna had helped to shape the investor deck for one of the startups I'm working with. She added great value by transforming the deck from a collection of facts to a coherent storyline. Following a single focused work session with Donna, the deck was presented to the investors of the company. The deck fully achieved its goals and helped to secure the needed budget.

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  • Dear Donna Griffit
    Thank you for helping improve and upgrade my presentation to a level people both engage and become clients at the end of the presentation (instead of, I need to think about it and the such). What a great difference a one-time meeting with you made. You are a true professional! You know what people are looking for, and you knew how to incorporate it in a subject which is not typical or easy to sell. From the first slide, all the way to the last, you provided alterations, options, ideas and tools that were backed by your vast experience and knowledge. During an hour meeting you were able to teach me, seemingly, easy tools to get clients – all which worked like magic. Moreover, you introduced me to the very talented graphic designer Roni Yahel, who gathered your ideas and tips, and was able to bring forth my message in a most accurate and professional manner. And she got it in the first take. Again, the topic I deal with, was not an easy one to convey … until I met you.
    Anyone who is looking for a talented, professional and creative corporate story teller, would be lucky to be your client. .
    You managed . Kudos!!

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    Maya BarakMaya BarakCertified Professional Biometric Hand Analysis | Author